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Custom Garage Tile Floors

Our durable premium garage flooring tiles are commercial grade and Swiss engineered. They offer complete UV protection from fading and are durable enough to be used in airport hangars. 

Installing these beautiful garage tiles is one of the most functional and practical upgrades you can make to a custom garage design. Dirt, water, snow, and whatever else comes off your tires no longer tracks into our house. It drains through the tiles onto the cement floor below. They are easy to install, snap together and sit on top of the existing concrete garage floor. There are dozens of color combinations to choose from.

Most of our homeowners inquire as to the difference between these custom garage tile floors and the standard epoxy option. Since this product sits above the concrete floor, it isn't subject to the cracking and expanding of the cement floor below. Unlike these tiles, epoxy and painted floors can be slippery. Tile garage flooring also emits no toxic chemicals during installation and doesn't require sandblasting.

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